What We Offer Services​

Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning service is perfect for garments that require specialized care. Using advanced techniques and eco-friendly solvents, we gently remove dirt, stains, and odors from your garments, leaving them fresh, clean, and beautifully restored.


For everyday clothing items that don’t require dry cleaning, our laundry service is an excellent choice. From shirts and pants to casual wear and linens, we provide thorough cleaning and meticulous attention to detail to ensure your garments look their best.

Alterations and Repairs

Our skilled tailors and seamstresses are here to assist you with all your alteration and repair needs. Whether you need a hem adjustment, zipper replacement, or resizing, we have the expertise to ensure your garments fit you perfectly.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Your wedding gown deserves special care and attention. Our wedding gown preservation service ensures that your precious gown is cleaned, treated, layered with acid-free tissue, and carefully packaged to protect it from aging, yellowing, and damage. Preserve the beauty and memories of your special day with our expert preservation services.

Specialty Garment Treatments

Certain garments require extra care to maintain their unique properties. From delicate silk and lace to suede and leather, our specialized garment treatments ensure that these fabrics are cleaned and restored with the utmost care and expertise.

Household Item Cleaning

We don’t just clean clothing! Our services extend to household items such as curtains, comforters, bedding, and table linens. Let us freshen up your home textiles, ensuring they are clean, crisp, and ready to be enjoyed.

Exceptional Care for Your Garments

At Lustrous Launder, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, using quality products and the latest technology to deliver unparalleled results. Whether you have a single garment or a heap of items, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you and provide personalized recommendations based on your specific garment care needs.

Experience the difference of exceptional care and attention to detail. Visit our locations today and discover why Lustrous Launder is the preferred choice for individuals seeking the highest standard of garment care services.

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